Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back in action

I have decided to restart working on this project as I would not want all of the work to go to waste. However help is needed as I would prefer not working alone on it as before. If anyone would be interested in helping with ANY of the below areas and has modded games or worked with engines before please feel free to contact me at once at

  • Creation and/or implementation of graphic models and resources into the engine format [Required most of all]
  • Implementation of the character creation and damage probabilities
  • Implementations of the quests and quest order while getting the info from wikipedia or the released design docs [lua scripting knowledge optional] 
  • Any other skill one might help with (creating music or ambiance for the game, helping with code development, helping with putting together design documents, etc)
  • Achievements design and/or implementation while talking into consideration the existing mission designs of VB